Meeting Minutes- 03 September 2009

  • Meeting convened in the Newcomb Hall Board Room at 6 pm


      * President - Matt Rannals
      * 1st Vice-President - Brett Martz
      * Treasurer - Elizabeth Head
      * 2nd Vice-President - Elizabeth Ladner
      * Budget: Headed by the Treasurer, Elizabeth Head. Meetings are held one week before General Council Meetings. Everyone is technically on this committee and can attend.
      * Social: Headed by Heather Mastapeter. This committee is responsible for hosting the monthly Graduate Happy Hours throughout the year. Other major events include a tailgate with the range for Homecoming, the annual Halloween Party, the Lighting of the Lawn, the St. Patrick's Day party, and, in general, helping the Graduate Students build a community and network. Goals for this year include more interaction with other organizations at UVA, including the Athletics Department (funding for a social event prior to a game), the Range (Lawn tailgate), etc. The first Happy Hour will be held at the Biltmore on September 25 from 7 - 9. Drink specials and appetizers will be available. Contact Heather if you would like to be on this committee or have suggestions. We need people to help out at each event to ensure their success!
      * Life: Headed by Brett Martz. This committee has, in the past, secured Graduate Student access to the football games and have tackled issues regarding child/day care, graduate student space on grounds, graduate surveys regarding TA-ships, etc. Basically, this is the committee that does the research to back our initiatives to improve Graduate Student life. Email Brett if you want to be on this committee and/or you have suggestions for issues that should be looked into regarding graduate student life.
      * Research: Headed by Mike Shreck. This committee puts on arguably the largest event held for Graduate Students -- the Huskey Research Exhibition. This is the event that garners name recognition for GSASC. Alot of work goes in to putting it on each year. It is a primary concern for the council and we need as many volunteers as possible to help out to ensure its success. Spring is when things really heat up.

Guest Speaker:Dean Fatton, Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Programs

    * Dean Aaron Mills was replaced by two Deans: Dean Fatton and Dean Stegmaier
    * He recognizes the need for Graduate Student space
    * If there are problems, feel free to drop by his office in 437 Newcomb Hall
    * He holds open door hours at various days adn times which will be emailed out to the student body
    * He has been here for 30 years (chaired the Politics Department and is involved in the search for the next University President


    Athletic Games Access
      * No problems were reported regarding graduate admission to the football game under the new policy.
    Todd Goodale, Associate Athletics Director, Marketing and Video Services
      * Will be talking with him to schedule events in the coming months. Would like to have him attend one of our meetings for discussion.
    Officers/chairs/special representatives
      * 1st Vice-President: Nothing to Report
      * Treasurer: Typical amount that we have to work with is $16,000. The average yearly budget includes the following roughe estimates: $4,000 for the Huskey Research Exhibition, $3,500 for all of the Happy Hours, $1750 for the monthly GSASC meetings (comprising 7 meetings with food), $4,000 to fund large academic events, $1000 to fund small academic events, and $1750 for other events.
      * 2nd Vice-President: Working on obtaining access to the webiste. Also need everyone to contact with her regarding which department they are representing this year.
      * Stud-Co: David Hondula and Alex Garcia are our representatives this year. We can now get free water at the football games.
      * Honor: Ed Lee is our representative for the year. There are not alot fo graduate students involved with the Honor Committee and they would love to change this. They feel that more involvement from the gradauate students would offer a different perspective from the undergraduate point of view. They hope to host events with each department to facilitate more interaction. They are also discussing such issues as the conscientious retration notion. Email Ed with any thoughts or questions.

New Business

    Funding Requests
      Graduate Student Yoga
        * Amount requested is $1000. * Katie Tully has taught this in the past. Our funding would go to teacher fees and renting space. She would like an additional instructor in order to handle up to 30-40 students and give a more personalized experience (able then to accomodate all levels of Yoga). This request would allow fo 6 classes. Last time we funded this was when there was a surplus in the budget. It is supposed to be free for graduate students on a first-come first-served basis. Did not get funded last year. * Members wondered if there was a way to have a very low cost (perhaps a dollar or two) to accompany our contribution that would enable this to occur. Virtues of free vs. very low cost debated. Budget cautioned that we do not have a real sense of what our budget will be for the year at this point. * Voted unanimously to wait until next month to make a decision
      Jewish Risorgimento
        * Amount requested is $935
        * Event would bring Duke University Professor Robert Dianotto for a guest seminar on the Jewish Risorgimento. Open to everyone. Talk includes original material and clips. It has never been held before. There would be an estimated 80 in attendance (mainly graduate students) for the lecture and an estimated 20 for the seminar (all graduate students). Co-sponsored with the Jewish Studies department. The Italian and History departments have no money for this event. * Budget responded that they could not pay for honorariums (an estimated $500 of their $935 request). We also don't know how much money the Jewish Studies department will commit at this time.
        * Motion to fund at $435 -- discussion ensues
        * Motion to fund at $300 (they can always come back later to request more funds) PASSES
      Social Committee Events
        * September Happy Hour: $5 admission gets two drinks. About 400 in attendance last year. $300 funding motion passes
        * Halloween at West Main: Funded at $1200 last year but only used roughly $100 to $200. Voted to look into various options before funding
    New Budget Allocation Item Suggestions
      * Homecoming Tailgate - working on securing a co-sponsorship with the Athletics Department who seem very interested in doing something with graduate students.
      * Beer Tasting - suggestion for it costing $10 - $15 per person.
      * Open Mic Night - occurs at the Tea Bazaar and could be fun
    Inviting Speakers
      * Suggestions include: Wendy Perry, Dean Laushway, Dean Woo, and the Associate VP for graduate students and research, Roseanne Ford.