Minutes from May 4, 2015



·      UJC Rep:  Debi Luzader (Biomedical Sciences) – passed unanimously

·      Finance Chair: Kristin Connor (Spanish Department) -  passed unanimously


·      Remaining vacancies:

o   Professional Development Co-Chair

o   UJC Representative

o   SAGE Representative

·      SAGE is a national organization that represents graduate students.

·      Ideal candidate will have leadership and policy experience.

·      Each year, representative will travel to Washington DC for national conference.

·      Biweekly conference calls with delegates, president of student government.

·      Dean Trella may nominate graduate student who is not on GSAS, which is OK with the council as long as the representative comes to GSASC meetings for updates.


July Meeting Date: Mon 7/13 Newcomb Gallery

August Meeting Date: Mon 8/3 South Meeting Room

No January 2016 Meeting


Committee Updates:

Social Committee:

·      Recap: April Happy Hour at Mono Loco:

o   Push back happy hours to 6-8pm to increase attendance.

o   Increase number of downtown happy hours.

o   Didn’t spend allotted budget.

·      Finals Coffee Break – 5/5 and 5/7 1:30 – 3:30pm in New Cabell, French Department Conference Room

·      Bowling 5/19 – Kegler’s Lanes on Rt. 29 from 7-10pm, free bowling and food

·      June Event Ideas – 1st week in June:

o   Garden party with food and alcohol?


Initiatives Committee:

·      Sexual Misconduct White Paper – Committee has revised a semi-final version of the White Paper. Progress soon.


Finance Committee:

·      Funding Requests

o   Coffee Break: Requested $200, passed unanimously

o   Bowling: Requested $800, passed unanimously

o   Philosophy Club Kickball May 1: Requested $400, passed unanimously


Next meeting: Monday, June 1st, 6pm, Newcomb Gallery