Public Policies and Incentives

1st Prize: Lucy Guarnera

Structure and Function, Big and Small

1st Prize: Brittany Earnest

2nd Prize: Nick Troup

3rd Prize: Sean Linden

Cancer and Immunology

1st Prize: Claudia Han

2nd Prize: Salome Boroda

Physical Science and Math Posters

1st Prize: Paul Diver

2nd Prize: Katy Wilson

Frontiers of Disease Research

1st Prize: Sarah Gray

2nd Prize: Emily Andre

3rd Prize: Ying Wang

The Art and Science of Education

1st Prize: Sierra Eisen

2nd Prize: Kelly Hoffman

Perception and Understanding

1st Prize: Rebecca Weast

2nd Prize: Veronica Weser

3rd Prize: Shaina Rowell

Growth, Recovery and Energy

1st Prize: Sarah Pollock

2nd Prize: Becky Wilson

Detection and Resolution

1st Prize: Adam Fallon

2nd Prize: Madelaine Denno

Political Systems and Cultural Impacts

1st Prize: Dannah Dennis

Microscopic Manipulation

1st Prize: Jason Kuhn

2nd Prize: Shifeng Nian

Biological and Biomedical Science Posters 1

1st Prize: John Leonard

2nd Prize: Mahesh Murugesan

3rd Prize: Olga Askinazi

Mental Health, Development, and Goal Achievement

1st (tie) Prize: Diana Dinescu

1st (tie) Prize: Alexandra Werntz

Religion's Unexpected Influences

1st Prize: Caitlin Hamilton

2nd Prize: Swati Chawla

Biological and Biomedical Science Posters 2

1st Prize: Cheng Yang

2nd Prize: Lauren Biwer

Environmental Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics

1st Prize: Jon Bellona

2nd Prize: Luke Kreider

Representations and Models

1st Prize: Tyler Santander

2nd Prize: Charlie Glaser

Representations of Race and Gender

1st Prize: Rachel Trapp

2nd Prize: Indu Ohri

Pathogens, Parasites and Cellular Conflict

1st Prize: Phillip Yen

2nd Prize: Stephanie Ragland

Social and Behavioral Science Posters

1st Prize: Jessica Taggart