August General Body Meeting

Monday, August 12th 6:00pm


1.    Welcome 

2.    Updates, News, & Reminders

a.    Department Updates

b.    Orientation -- Wednesday 8/21

c.    Graduate and Professional Student Convocation: 

·       Sunday August 25th, 12pm 

·       Encourage incoming and returning students to attend

·       Barbeque to follow in amphitheater 


3.    Updates to By-Laws [Discussion]


4.    Committee Updates:

a.    Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Charlotte McClintock)

b.    University Judiciary Committee (Kyle Chattleton & Jacob Botsford)

c.    Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez)

d.    Social Committee (Tyler Wake)

·       Welcome Back Event

e.    Professional Development Committee

f.     Research Committee (Shalmi Barman & Jeremey Eberle) 

g.    Finance Committee (Nick Scott)

·       Funding Requests      

5.    For the Good of the Order