December General Body Meeting

Monday, December 3rd6:00pm
Newcomb Kaleidoscope Room


1.    Welcome 

2.    Update on Student Health Committee

LeezaConstantoulakis, Graduate Professional Council Chair


3.    President Ryan’s Strategic Planning Committee

Bethany Teachman, Department of Psychology Professor

4.    Updates, News, & Reminders

a.    Department Updates

·       First Harmonics Concert Sunday at the Southern 

b.    GSASC Research Grant

·       Applications due one week from today. Please take flyers for your department and remind your colleagues to apply 


5.    Committee Updates:

a.    Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

b.    University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

c.    Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez)

d.    Social Committee(Tiffany Layne & Brittany Acors) 

·       Lighting of the Lawn Event

·       End of Semester Breakfast

·       Winter Formal 

e.    Professional Development Committee(Karina Baptista & Anthony Schienschang)

·       Women’s Lunch Panel (Report)

f.     Research Committee (Thankful Cromartie & Shalmi Barman) 

·       Please email suggestions of key note speakers for HUSKEY to Thankful Cromartie

g.    Finance Committee (Charles Hamilton)

·       Funding Requests      

1.    Department of Environmental Sciences: Enviroday        

a.    $400 for food and banner: APPROVED

2.    Social: Winter Formal

a.    $700: APPROVED

3.    Social: Coffee Donuts

a.    $300 for food: APPROVED

4.    Classics Department: Grad Student Colloquium

a.    $400 for food: APPROVED

5.    Department of Spanish, Italian, Portuguese: Conference and Reception

a.    $200 for food: APPROVED

6.    For the Good of the Order