Departments present: Government, Anthropology, Classics, History, Religious Studies, Biology, Economics, Music, Chemistry, Nursing, Physics, Slavic Languages and Literatures, French, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies, Astronomy, Sociology


1.     Welcome

2.     Leadership Guest Speaker

Sarah Kenny, UVA Student Council President

-       Graduate Student Representative (Chair of Graduate Affairs Committee): advocating for issues that affect graduate students

o   Edwin Liu: current medical school graduate representative

-       Legislative Affairs Committee – aim to bridge gap between UVA and city council

-       Response to events on August 12th and subsequent administrative response: student council in touch with Dr. Goluboff’s working groups

-       Currently looking for GSASC representative

3.     Updates, News, & Reminders

a.     Updates to By-Laws

·       Addressing the event of a tie and elections for committee co-chairs

b.     Apply for Student Council as a Grad Rep

·       Applications due September 10th

c.     Academic Job Search Series

·       Friday, September 9th

d.     Ideal way to get and send updates?

·       Continue to forward

4.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

·       Grad Committee

·       Looking for more graduate student participation

b.     University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

·       Fall Semester trials underway

·       Open to the public

·       Reminder: UJC = Student self goverance process, incharge of maintaining standards of conduct

·       Looking more graduate student represernatives

·       Garnering graduate feedback and recommendations to the standards of conduct

c.     Initiatives Committee (Melissa Moore)

·       No updates

d.     Social Committee (Mojdeh Tarighat & Tiffany Layne)

·       Back to School Event: tomorrow, September 5th 5-8 in Garden X

e.     Professional Development Committee (An-chi Tsuei & Aubrey Doede)

·       No updates

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Wenfan Ke)

·       Looking for committee members from arts and humanitites

·       Science Night: September 22nd at Vitae Spirits, funded by Cville Community

·       Science Trivia Night

1.     Goal: engage humanities and social sciences

g.     Finance Committee (Adam Gross)

·       New Funding Requests Rules [vote]

·       Passed

5.     For the Good of the Order

a.     Nomination: Claire Marie, French Department, Initiatives Committee Co-chair

·       Elected

b.     Dissatisfaction with GSASC funding fluctuations

·       Lack of warning/communications with funding and stipend edits

c.     Student Health

·       Cannot post GSASC-created FAQ

d.     Wage-based fellowships

·       Eligible for retirement plan