September General Body Meeting 

Monday September 5th, 2016 

6 PM Newcomb Gallery


Welcome and Introductions

Wolfpack Form and Types of Representatives: The Wolfpack form will be sent out in the next few days. Submit your interest in committees and GSASC. Also, please indicate if you are a voting representative of your department. Talk to the new VP of Communications, Bailey Troia, if you need a nametag.

Voting Rep Job Description

  •  Attend GSASC monthly meetings.
  • Vote for motions at meetings.
  • Serve on one of the five committees in GSASC.
  • Forward GSASC emails to your department
  • If a voting rep position is not filled by your department, you are forfeiting your department’s vote in GSASC.

Email List Update: The GSASC email list will soon be purged. An email will be sent out later this week requesting if you would like to be removed from the list.

GSAS Orientation Recap: Thanks for volunteering! Everything went very well. Tried something different with the luncheon by not mixing people from different departments. Next year, we will try and put people together in more generalized areas without just randomly mixing people together.

Back to School Happy Hour: At Michael’s Bistro on the Corner, from 5-6:30 on Monday, September 19th. 


  • Paige Kulling (VP of Administration): re-elected
  • Bailey Troia (VP of Communications): elected
  • Kelly Barford (Pro Dev Co-Chair): elected

Committee Descriptions and Updates:

Research Committee – Cory Weller and Laura Woo 

Committee Description: Organizing and planning the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition (Mid March).

  • Thinking about initiating a way for graduate students to find collaborators at the University
  • Meet once a month until around February, then they meet about once a week the month prior to Huskey (Spring heavy commitment).

Professional Development Committee – Irene Cheng 

Committee Description: Organizing and planning Grad Days in the spring, which includes social and professional events.

  • Meet once a month typically. They meet about once a week the month prior to Grad Days (Spring heavy commitment).

Initiatives Committee –Brynn Cook and Alicia Buckenmeyer 

Committee Description: Advocate for graduate students to the administration. Try to improve graduate student life by advocating for issues that are important to us (graduate students)

  • Continuing to work on health care initiatives. Working on the right for students to see their exams. Dealing with the costs during the summer (like the gym).
  • Meetings once a month. Your time commitment depends on the role you chose.

Social Committee –Alexi Garrett and Akin Odeleye 

Committee Description: Organizing social events for graduate students.

  • Meet once a month. Moderate commitment throughout the year. 

Finance Committee –Kristin Connor 

Committee Description : Managing the GSASC budget, including external funding requests from graduate students.

  • Meet once a month.

Proposed Updates to Finance Policy

  • Most changes are minor. 
  • For alcohol, you need to submit your alcohol approval with your funding request (you must have your alcohol approval first). This is for any event, on grounds if there is alcohol present. If it is off grounds, you must get approval if GSASC is paying for the alcohol.
  • Changing the time line for funding requests for Grad Days and Huskey. See document for details. 

Funding requests


  •     GSASC happy hour on September 19th, 5:00-6:30 pm ($400 requested, $400 recommended): approved

Next Meeting: Monday, October 3rd, 6 PM, Newcomb Gallery