The 2018 Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition took place on Tuesday, March 20th 2018 in Newcomb Hall. A program of presentations is available HERE

Thank you to all our presenters and judges!


Alyssa Bangerter, Biology:    Adapting to Seasonal Change in the Fruit Fly
Robert Dyer, Chemistry:    Site-Selective N-Oxidation of Heteroarenes over Aliphatic Amines
Brynn Cook, Environmental Sciences:    Dirty Sex: does atmospheric pollution interfere with sex pheromone communication for the hawkmoth Manduca sexta
Caroline Kelsey, Psychology:    Infants’ brain response to social eye cues is modulated by race
Shannon Savell, Psychology:    Considering the role of caregiver discrimination experiences in the development of maladaptive behaviors in children and adolescents
Doyle Tate, Psychology:    Examining parenting intention and the number of intended children for childless lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adults
Jessica Mazen, Psychology:    Bias Correction for Replacement Samples


Ricky Baylis, CVRC:    IL1 signaling in SMC is critical for maintenance of a protective fibrous cap during late-stage murine atherosclerosis
Melissa Moore, Economics:    Prevention or Protection: A Model of Contraceptive Choice
Michael Ly, Foreign Affairs:    Courting Lady Liberty or Combatting Uncle Sam: Discussing the Chinese Intellectual Debates on Managing the China-U.S. Great Powers Relations in the 21st Century
Praxis Group, English:    UVA Reveal: Augmenting the University


Adam Fallon, Physics:    How cold is ultra-cold and why we go through the trouble to get there
Nick Buttrick, Psychology:    A growth mindset can lead to increased academic victim-blaming
James Ascher, English:    Visualizing Paper Evidence Using Gigapixel Digital Reproductions of Books


Mike Hague, Biology:    Large-effect mutations generate trade-off between predatory and locomotor ability during arms race coevolution with deadly prey
Meltem Yucel, Psychology:    Norms with feeling: Are moral norms more emotion-based than conventional norms?
Sam Lemley, English:    Rotunda Library Online: Reconstructing The University of Virginia’s Rotunda Library, 1825-1830


Veronica Weser, Psychology:    Making the Visual Tangible: Simulating Weight in VR
Miranda Beltzer, Psychology:    From Sandy Hook to Sutherland Springs: How Mass Shootings Affect Stigma about Mental Illness
Julia Fisher, English:    Allegory's Warmth



A Focus on Graduate Students

Dr. Robert J. Huskey, professor of Biology, served the University of Virginia for 32 years. As Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Dr. Huskey sought to improve the graduate student experience, in particular by developing assistantships and providing affordable health care. To honor Dr. Huskey's commitment to graduate students, in 2001 the Graduate Student Council introduced the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition. This upcoming exhibition will mark the 18th annual opportunity for graduate students to present their innovative research with the University of Virginia community.

The exhibition is intended for a general audience. High-scoring presentations will effectively 1) set up the question being investigated; 2) frame the question in context of its broader importance; 3) communicate an evidence-based argument; 4) be accessible to an audience of diverse educational backgrounds. 

Eligibility: Graduate students within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are able to apply.

Oral presentation (10-12 minutes) slots are limited. There will be three separate sessions available:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Arts & Humanities

Poster presentations (deliverable in 4-5 minutes) should be targeted towards a general audience.

Schedule of Events:
1-1:30pm: Oral Presenter & Judge Check-in (Outside Newcomb Ballroom)
1:30-3:30pm: Oral Presentations (Multiple Rooms, Newcomb Hall)
3:15-3:45pm: Poster Presenter & Judge Check-in (Outside Newcomb Ballroom)
3:45-4:45pm: Poster Presentations (Newcomb Ballroom)
5-5:30pm: Keynote Address, President Teresa A. Sullivan (South Meeting Room)
6-7:30pm: Wine & Cheese Reception/Awards Ceremony (Colonnade Club)

A preliminary 2018 Huskey program can be found here.