August General Body Meeting Monday, October 1st 6:00pm Newcomb Hall Kaleidoscope Room 

  1. Welcome 

  2. Leadership Speaker Series 

Tori Osinski, Vice-Chair of the Graduate Professional Council 

Leeza Constantoulakis:
Tori Osinkski:
Twitter: @uva_gpc

  1. Updates, News, & Reminders 

    1. Department Updates 

      • Diversifying Scholarship Conference on November 16th, looking for volunteers, contact Katie Daniel (

    2. Inauguration Events 

      • Discovery Showcase: GSAS and GSEC are collaborating on Show Your Voice event, Oct 5thand 8th2-4 on the Lawn 

      • Community Bridges 5K

      • Please post fliers for these events in your department to help spread the word

      • Installation: Friday Oct 19thon the Lawn 

  2. Committee Updates: 

    1. Honor Committee(Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark) 

    2. University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton) 

      • Hoping to collaborate with GSAS to put on event to help graduate students come together to learn about UJC

      • Added 5thVice Chair to the committee

    3. Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez)

    4. Social Committee (Tiffany Layne & Claire-Marie Brisson) 

      • Back to School Welcome Event (Report) 

        1. Thank you to everyone who came, we had 30-50 people.

      • Discovery Showcase Event 

      • Halloween Social 

        1. October 26th8-10pm at Crozet Pizza. Teaming up with other schools. There will be a costume contest with prizes. 

        2. If you would like to volunteer to help with social (set up and tear down), please reach out to Tiffany Layne

    5. Professional Development Committee (Karina Baptista)

      • Women’s Lunch Panel October 31st.  

  1. Research Committee (Thankful Cromartie) 

    • Huskey will be March 26th

  2. Finance Committee (Charles Hamilton) 

    • Funding Requests:

      1. Spanish/Italian/Portuguese: Lunch round table for students working in US and Peru. Expect 25 people. Request $150. Approved. 

      2. Halloween Event October 26th: Expected 150 people. Request $600. Approved. 

      3. Women’s Lunch Panel: October 31st. Expect 50 people. Request $300. Approved.

      4. Chemistry Grad Student Council: Jefferson Lecture, bring in a prominent speaker. Approved in spring but date got pushed back. Request $400.  Approved. 

  1. GSASC Elections 

    1. Open position for graduate student on Student Council. If you are interested, please contact Paul Zivick. 

    2. Open Professional Development Committee Co-chair: Anthony Schienschang (Anthropology)

    3. Research Committee Co-chair: Shalmi Barman (English)

  2. For the Good of the Order 

    1. Every other Monday there are city council meetings in Charlottesville, they would be a great place for graduate students to get involved with the broader community. The next one is on Monday October 15th