Departments present: Biology, Classics, History, Psychology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Music, French, Linguistics, Economics, Anthropology (Executive Board: Nursing, Astronomy, Politics, Sociology)


1.     Welcome

2.     Leadership Series Speaker

            F. Aaron Laushway, Associate Dean in the Office of the Dean of Students

                        Q: Can graduate students head honor and UJC committees?

                        A: Yes, graduate students are encouraged to do that.

3.     Updates, News, & Reminders

a.     Pictures

·       Headshots (taken last meeting and after today’s meeting) to be posted on

b.     Constitution Updates

4.     Updates to By-Laws [Vote]

a.     Edited/updated: election procedure

b.     Added: language dealing with election “ties” during voting procedure


Bylaws: approved

5.     GSASC Research Scholarship

a.     Introduced today, tabled, to vote on in November

b.     6 scholarships of $250 ($3000 total), each semester (fall and spring)

Q&A: blind applicants

            Open to Masters students? Yes, as long as you are enrolled in GSAS full-time

            Size of review committee? TBD, likely 4-6 members, representative of various disciplines/departments

            Applications for prospective (not retroactive) funding

            Cannot apply multiple times in a semester

            Ideally: GSASC continue this scholarship in future years

6.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

·       Event 1: single sanction debate October 24th

1.     Co-sponsored with Jeffersson Literary Debating Society

·       Event 2: Popular assembly November 13-15th

·       Working on handout for TA’s

b.     University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

·       Partnering with women’s center for Domestic Violence Awareness month

·       October 16th : Consent 101 and healthy sexuality workshop

c.     Initiatives Committee (Melissa Moore and Claire-Marie Brisson)

·       First committee meeting = TONIGHT

·       Considering white paper on stipend/funding changes

d.     Social Committee (Mojdeh Tarighat & Tiffany Layne)

·       Events

1.     October 21st: family friendly tailgate for UVA vs. Boston College (Homecoming game), 11am

a.     Food provided

2.     Halloween festivities October 28th

a.     Partnering with GBS, GBSC

b.     Crozet Buddhist Biker Bar

·       Garden Party follow-up (partnered with Honor)

1.     Roughly 75 attendees

·       Potential: Lighting of the Lawn event

e.     Professional Development Committee (An-chi Tsuei & Aubrey Doede)

·       Absent

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Wenfan Ke)

·       Scarcely attended first committee meeting

·       Focus: throwing most successful 2018 Husey Symposium

·       Call for abstracts to be drafted this month

g.     Finance Committee (Adam Gross)

·       Finance Requests (3)

1.     External

a.     Intramural, $75

                                                                                                     i.     Approved

2.     Internal:

a.     Homecoming tailgate

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting: $200 (being matched by the Nursing Department)

                                                                                                   ii.     Approved

b.     Halloween party

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting $600 (matched by engineering, also sponsored by biology)

                                                                                                   ii.     (including drink tickets)

                                                                                                  iii.     Approved

7.     Student Council Representative for GSAS

a.     Looking for grad students to attend meetings (Tuesdays in Newcomb @ 6:30pm)

8.     Diversifying Scholarships (Andrew Chen)

a.     Publicity chair of Diversity scholarship conference committee

b.     November 10th, 9am-5pm

c.     Poster presentations by students and

d.     Questions? Email

9.     For the Good of the Order

a.     Data Science institute: interdisciplinary institute, to attend GSASC monthly body meetings