1.     Welcome

2.     Leadership Series Speaker

            Phil Trella, Assistant Vice President in the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

3.     Updates, News, & Reminders

a.     Department Updates

b.     Community Service

·       Send any standing organizations at UVA to GSASC to publicize, send to graduate student body to get involved in the community

c.     Pan-Grad Updates

·       International Students

·       Teaching Tolerance (Curry School)

4.     Updates to Constitution [Vote]

a.     Approved (to be posted on gradcouncil.com)

5.     GSASC Research Grant [Vote]

a.     Review Committee

·       Approved

6.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

·       Upcoming events (sent via email)

b.     University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

c.     Initiatives Committee (Melissa Moore and Claire-Marie Brisson)

·       Met with Dean Barnaby

1.     External award policy

·       Searching for feedback from grad students about how the institutions communicates with students

d.     Social Committee (mojdeh tarighat & Tiffany Layne)

·       Tailgate (30-40)

1.     leftover food: donated

·       Halloween event: large attendance

·       Upcoming: “Friends-giving,” November 17th, Jefferson Hall (tentatively)

1.     Turkey, water, soda, wine

2.     Potluck style: bring desserts and sides

·       Upcoming: Lighting of the Lawn, November 30th, 6-7pm

1.     Room 11 on West range

2.     Hot drinks + desserts

e.     Professional Development Committee (An-chi Tsuei)

·       Had first meeting

·       Co-Chair Election: Alexis Yang

1.     Approved

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Wenfan Ke)

·       Had first meeting

·       Working to finalize events post-Huskey

·       Save the Date going out in November Connections

g.     Finance Committee (Adam Gross)

·       Finance Requests:

1.     Internal

a.     Friends-giving ($200)

                                                                                                     i.     Approved

b.     Lighting of the Lawn ($200)

                                                                                                     i.     Approved

c.     Research grant

                                                                                                     i.     Approved

7.     Student Council Representative for GSAS

a.     Need GSASC Representative

8.     For the Good of the Order

a.      NAGPS – lobbying against tax proposal taxing graduate student tuition