November General Body Meeting Monday, November 5th 6:00pm Newcomb Hall Conference Room 177

1.   Welcome 

2.     Graduate Strategic Investment Fund Proposals 

Bethany Teachman, Department of Psychology Professor, Chair of The Committee to Implement the Future of Graduate Education 

3.   Updates, News, & Reminders 

            a. General Updates

    • Thank you to everyone who took part in inauguration

    • University is looking for students to be involved in the Police Advisory Committee. If you are interested, please contact Paul. 

    • Research Grant will be happening again this year. Applications are open. Flyer will be sent out, please forward to your departments. 

    • John Modica will be representing us to Student Council! If you know anyone who would be interested in also being a representative, contact Paul. 

b. Department Updates 

4. Committee Updates:

  • Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark) 

    • Contributory Health Impairment updates

      • Honor currently has a process that students can claim "Contributory Mental Disorders"

      • The name has been changed to "Contributory Health Impairments"

      • Changes have been made/proposed to match the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

      • Proposed changes have been to streamline process and protect students

      • Changes that have been voted on are primarily to streamline process and protect students. Students are proposed to have 10 days to schedule initial interview with the Dean following CHI request and 60 days from the date of submission to provide an "Expert Assessment" and any associated/supporting information. This can be extended by the Dean for good cause.

      • All proposed changes are post-dated to go into effect at end of year following another vote

      • Further details available upon request

    • Bicentennial reports

      • The Bicentennial Report from Honor is coming out soon

      • We’re writing/publishing a history of the Honor System, update of what we’ve been working on and recent changes/feedback,  and the future plans

        • Developing 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year plans

  • There two new working groups in Honor: Data Analysis and Alternative Sanctions

    • Alternative Sanction working group

      • A professor recently came and spoke to Honor about the differences in outcome for reporting a graduate student vs an undergrad. There are different levels of punishment. Undergrads can come back, graduate students often can’t.

      • These problems are not new and are important considerations for alternative sanctions

      • Any input/questions can be emailed or directed to me or Tori Clark

    • Data Analysis/Communication working group

      • We are working on analyzing data for demographics, outcome, etc. for last 5 years. We have older incomplete data back for much longer. 

      • Any specific questions or interests that people have or want to see?

      • We are also developing plans for how data will be stored/analyzed/communicated/de-identified in the future

  • Coffee/donuts in December?

    • Last year, we sponsored coffee/donuts/bagels near finals/exams. I want to do this again.

    • I’ve thought about doing a brief survey that graduate/professional students can fill out for anonymous feedback/suggestions on Honor System

  • University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

  • Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez) 

  • Social Committee (Tiffany Layne & Claire-Marie Brisson) 

    • Discovery Showcase Event (Report)

      • Approx. 20 videos submitted to be shown at inauguration 

    • Halloween Social (Report)

      • Packed social at Crozet Pizza, a lot of fun 

      • If you would like to see anything continued/changed for next year, please contact Tiffany  

    • Lighting of the Lawn Event 

      • Keep an eye out for more details about a grad event the night of Lighting of the Lawn

      • Looking for volunteers

    • Winter formal

        • Please reach out with venue recommendations/comments

        • Date to follow

  • Professional Development Committee(Karina Baptista & Anthony Schienschang) 

o  Women’s Lunch Panel Nov 27thin Commonwealth Room. 1:15-2:30pm. If you have any questions you want to see asked, please reach out to Karina or Anthony

  • Research Committee (Thankful Cromartie and Shalmi Barman) 

    • If you have any comments/recommendations for Husky, please contact Thankful or Shalmi

  • Finance Committee (Charles Hamilton) 

    • Social requested $200 for food and drink (cider, tea) for lighting of the lawn event

      • Passed

3.    For the Good of the Order 

§ Brittany Acors (baa9cb) is new Social Co-chair

§  If you have anything you want to be brought up at Strategic Investment Funds meeting, please contact Paul by Tuesday night