November General Body Meeting

Monday November 7th, 2016 at 6pm

Newcomb Gallery


Welcome and Introductions

·      Vote to approve constitution changes from previous meeting


·      Announcement from VP Comm: 13 departments who still needs reps (14 positions)

·      Plan to appoint new GSASC president next meeting


Committee updates

A.    Initiatives (Brynn Cook)

·      Working with student health; meeting in December to talk about how to better communicate with students

·      Working on “Grad Guide” – everything you’d want to know about Charlottesvile as an incoming grad student

a.     looking for people to help with this (especially international students)

·      Dissatisfaction with health insurance place – currently looking at how other universities structure their student plans i.e. coverage for family members, flexibility to choose plan, etc.

·      Reminder: GSASC members welcome to help out with other committees no matter what committee you’re assigned

B.    Professional Development (Irene Cheng)

·      Tentative schedule set for Grad Days (March 19th – 25th)

a.     Want feedback for tentative schedule from GSASC members – especially for “community building events”

b.     Open discussion about diversity lunch panels

                                                        i.     Women’s panel well-attended in the past

c.      Mindfulness center in Nursing School

d.     Green Dot Training specifically for grad students

To Professional Development and Research Committees: submit budgets in detail via email no later than January 10th

Final budget due January 28th

C.    Social (Akin Odeleye)

·      Halloween party recap: successful

a.     good attendance (roughly 200)

·      No events in December

Potential Winter event: Ice skating downtown

·      Winter formal: need funding requests by November 25th

·      In the future: Social to plan out academic year’s social events in September with preliminary budget


Reminder: not allowed to fundraise/collect money at any events

Possibility: forgo December event to have more events in Spring

Spring events: TBD

D.    Finance (Kristin Connor)

·      Funding Requests

a.     UVA symposium for advocates for women in science

Asked for $500, offered $400


b.     Enviro-day

Asked for $500, offered $400


c.      French Film Festival



Next Meeting: Monday, December 5th, 6pm Newcomb Gallery