Monday, May 7, 2018

Newcomb Hall Gallery



1. Leadership Speaker - Dean Risa Goluboff, UVA Law School

2. GSAS Grant Recipients 

            Alison Kelly, History

            Vivien Chen, History

            Kal Munis, Politics

            Monica Blair, History

3. Leadership transition: elections

            Nomination: Adam Gross for Vice President of Finance

            Nomination: Tiffany Layne for Social Chair

4. For the good of the order

            Leeza Constantoulakis: Chair of Graduate Professional Council

            Thanks and appreciation to out-going president, Leeza Constantoulakis

5. Announcements from Paul Zivick

            Orientation in August, searching for volunteers now

            Send Paul an email for 2018-2019 representatives

            Listening tour continues into the summer