May General Body Meeting,

Monday May 2nd 2016

6 PM Newcomb Gallery

Welcome and Council Matters

·       Closing out the year

·       Olivia Sabik, GSASC Honor Rep: Honor requires us to hold finals push events (we try to push honor during finals season by reminding them of honor and help students relax).  Looking for ideas on what GSAS Honors reps could do and where.

·       Still looking for people to fill vacant positions. See open positions here.

·       Need volunteers for orientation on August 17th. More details to come.


Committee Updates

·       Social

o   Bowling on April 29th from 7-10. Offered 2 drink tickets, no food.

o   Last year they had over 100 people. Only had 50 people show up this year.

o   Ideas for how to make this event better attended in the future or if there are specific reasons why less people came this year?

·       Professional Development

o   None

·       Research

o   None

·       Initiatives

o   None

·       Finance

o   Internal Requests

§  GSASC web hosting (operation cost for GSASC)

o   External Requests

§  None

o   End of year accounting

§  About on budget