March General Body Meeting Monday, March 12th 6:00pm Location: Gallery, Newcomb Hall

1.     Welcome (back)

2.     Leadership series speaker: Louis nNlson

a.     Professor of architectural history

b.     Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Outreach

c.     Former department chair, Associate dean in department of architecture

d.     Open to further communication with graduate students

3.     Grant winners

a.     Emily Cook, Economics, 4th year

b.     Alyssa Black, Biology, 3rd year

c.     Michelle Walsh, Religious Studies

4.     Updates, News, Reminders

a.     President update

                                               i.     Higher Education Reauthorization

1.     Graduate Professional Council

                                             ii.     Aim to build “graduate legislative affairs committee” next year

b.     Upcoming meeting reminders

                                               i.     Executive board elections in April Monthly Body Meeting (April 2nd_

5.     Committee updates

a.     Honor (Torie Clark, Adam Huckaby)

                                               i.     Gender neutral pronouns in constitutions

                                             ii.     Change to by-laws address multiple offenses and reporting, informed retraction

                                            iii.     Honor audit committee report

1.     Graduate students excluded

b.     UJC (Kyle Clark)

                                               i.     Complex cases

                                             ii.     Restructured part of by-laws

                                            iii.     Added position: Vice Chair for Graduate Students, in hopes that this position will provide outreach

                                            iv.     Elections in 2 weeks

c.     Initiatives

                                               i.     Met w Barnaby for feedback on stipends

d.     Social

                                               i.     Recap: breakfast social

e.     Pro Dev

                                               i.     (next week)

                                             ii.     Flyers to hang up

                                            iii.     Electronic flyer to go out in Wednesday Connections

                                            iv.     Email to be distributed ot departments Sunday night

                                             v.     Gradcouncil website with events + facebook events

f.      Huskey

                                               i.     Prizes for oral presentations ordered

                                             ii.     Merchandise ordered

                                            iii.     Still need arts and humanities judges

                                            iv.     Program ready

                                             v.     Post-Huskey wine and cheese

g.     Finance

                                               i.     English department conference: UVA GradCon 2018, March 23

1.     Requested: $400

2.     Passed

                                             ii.     Science Art Exhibit, April 27

1.     Requested: $400

                                            iii.     Professional Development Committee, GradDays 2018

1.     $4050

2.     Passed

                                            iv.     Social Committee, Sour House Social

1.     Requested: $550

2.     Passed

a.     (To remember: appropriate languages for advertising events with alcohol)

6.     Ex-officio appointments

a.     UJC chairs

                                               i.     Kyle Clark

                                             ii.     Appointed

b.     Honor

                                               i.     Adam Huckaby

                                             ii.     Appointed

                                            iii.     Torie Clark

                                            iv.     Appointed

c.     Student Council representative

                                               i.     Pushed to April monthly body meeting

7.     For the Good of the order

a.     Re community outreach: go to city council meetings (Kyle Clark)