Departments present:

Environmental Science, Molecular Physiology, Classics, Neuroscience, Microbiology, Biochemistry, History, Biology, Astronomy, Public Health, BME, Psychology, Nursing, Chemistry, Sociology, English.

1.     Welcome

a.     College Foundation Student Representative Application (Ryan Orr)  

·       Currently looking for both undergraduate and graduate students in College of Arts and Sciences to apply

·       Purpose: advise trustees and dean; pertains to anything that a dean “has a vision for” in regards to donors/money spent/what to do with space, etc.

·       Meet twice a year

·       Application open until March 20th


2.     Elections

a.     University Judiciary Committee

·       CJ Anderson: Nominates Dominque Mafucci for re-election

·       Elected

·       Need to find another representative

b.     Honor Committee

·       Olivia Sabik: Nominates Adam Huckabee

·       Elected

·       Need to find another representative


3.     Updates, New News, & Reminders

a.     Upcoming GSASC Elections

·       At next meeting (April 3rd)

·       Please send all nominations to Leeza

b.     UVA Presidential Search Reminder

·       Information sent to council to share with departments

·       There is an online form for input or two in-person sessions students can attend

c.     SAGE and NAGPS Update

·       Work to promote welfare of graduate students around the country

·       Working now to determine which organization is better to proceed with in regards to healthcare, student debt, research funding, sexual assault, etc.

·       Leeza and Paige to attend conference April

·       Will report back in May meeting

d.     1515 Student Center on the Corner

·       New safe space available close to grounds for hanging out, doing work, etc.

·       Open is Friday, March 17th


4.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Olivia Sabik & Stephanie Roe)

·       Gearing up for first meeting of G.R.A.D.

·       Working on language change to expand the informed retraction

·       Committee meeting at 8pm on Sunday

·       HONOR week for the rest of the week

b.     University Judiciary Committee (CJ Anderson & Niko Maffucci)

·       All four amendments passed, updating language

·       Upcoming 4 things voting on this upcoming Sunday

·       Training: March 19th

·       Potential for a mock trial series

·       Dialogue series event upcoming

c.     Initiatives Committee (Brynn Cook & Alicia Buckenmeyer)

·       Grad Guide Update

o   Functioning outline sent to Leeza

o   Leeza taking this to administration

·       Also working on Elson Student Healthcare FAQ

d.     Social Committee (Akin Odeleye & Alexi Garrett)

·       Upcoming Events

o   Alumni center hosting Wine and Cheese on Wednesday April 19th (information to come)

o   Social gathering on the corner at the Cooper May 4th 4-7pm (GBExit sendoff celebration)

§  To co-sponsor with GBS and others

e.     Professional Development Committee (Irene Cheng & Kelly Barford)

·       Grad Days 2017

o   Spread the word!

o   Final events to be sent in Connections email March 14th

o   Sunday, March 19th: final reminder email sent out to connections

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Laura Woo)

·       Huskey 2017

o   Poster to CVRC on Thursday

g.     Finance Committee

·       Funding Requests

o   Politics Department Graduate Student Conference

§  Requested: $400

§  Passed

o   Huskey

§  Requested: $4600

§  Passed

·       Budget Update

o   Budget decreasing because of BIMS leaving

o   New one time fund to incorporate into GSASC funds

o   Will re-evaluate budget once final numbers are settled from BIMS and PHS moving to the Med School

5.     For the Good of the Order

a.     Questions/concerns from members

·       Issue for students with disabilities and accessibility on campus

·       National march for science

o   Organizing independent march in Charlottesville

·       Request: gsasc emails to be more immediately clear about what’s important to distribute out to department