June General Body Meeting,

Monday June 13th 2016

6 PM Newcomb Gallery


Welcome and Council Matters

I. Policy

·      President Tony: Will compare to other schools. Suggestions for editing? Anything needs to be written somewhere?

·      GSASC Answer: no

·      Ben: Maybe make a note of executive committee jobs—not formally amending it but say provisional no vp of ops---but will vote next year

II. Office of Presidency

·      Tony is leaving program

·      But president doesn’t have to be a student

·      cant be a voting member

III. Nominations

·      Nomination: co-chair for professional development (Irene, Neuroscience)…nominated by Ben Vaughn

·      Motion to elect: seconded (Akin)

·      All in favor: YAY! Unanimous consent. The yays have it.

IV. Miscellaneous

·      Will the September meeting be on Labor Day?

·      August GSASC orientation: luncheon? Specific departments or everyone is needed? Split up disciplines? Ben will send out the e-mail. Wine & cheese is still staying the same.

·      Did not go over budget this year!

·      Ben: next year’s budget? In past discussed budget in July, approve in August.


Committee Updates