1.     Welcome


11 Departments represented (7 needed to run elections)

Open elections spots


2.     Elections

a.     VP of Administration

·       Nominated: Paul Zivick

·       Elected

b.     Initiative Committee Co-chair

·       Nominated: Melissa Moore

·       Elected

·       Opening for another Co-chair in Initiatives

c.     Professional Development Committee

·       Nominated: Aubrey Doede

·       Nominated: Alexis Yang

·       Questions/discussion with each nominee

·       First vote: tie

·       Second vote (by paper): Aubrey Doede elected

d.     Honor Committee

·       Appointed: Tori Clark

e.     University Judiciary Committee

·       Appointed: Kyle Chattleton

3.     Updates, News, & Reminders

a.     Pan-Grad Discussion

·       Working toward monthly meeting with UVA schools/departments

b.     Leadership Seminars

·       Inviting speakers to Grad council to hear from UVA Administration

·       Sarah Kenney (UVA undergrad Student Council President) to speak in September

·       Recommendations:

1.     Office of Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

2.     Director of Foundation relations (grant/scholarship/fellowship information)

3.     Board of Visitors – graduate student representative

4.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby)

·       Absent

b.     University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci)

·       Absent

·       (Kayle Chattleton appointed)

c.     Initiatives Committee (Paul Zivick)

·       Working on “Grad Map” – map of Charlottesville with notable graduate student spaces, assist grad students in becoming familiar with Charlottesville, distilled version of “Grad Guide”

·       Update grad students resources site

·       Student Health FAQ – waiting on last round of edits, need to discuss whether Student Health

d.     Social Committee (Mojdeh Tarighat & Tiffany Layne)

·       Planning to have roughly 2 events per month throughout the 2017-2018 academic year

·       Summer Events

1.     Get together at next “Fridays after 5” on the downtown mall

·       Back to School Welcome

1.     Tentatively September 5th or 7th

·       Looking for feedback for the social app “frienli.com”

·       Tentatively: host GSASC event for Lighting of the Lawn

e.     Professional Development Committee (An-chi Tsuei)

·       Leeza: tentatively to have 2017-2018 committees by Labor Day (post-Wolfpack)

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Wenfan Ke)

·        Goal to expand research committee beyond planning the annual Huskey Symposium

·       Tentatively to form interdisciplinary working groups

·       Matt Slaats at OpenGrounds: interdisciplinary research initiative

1.     VPR: M-Cubed, newer research funding initiative

g.     Finance Committee (Adam Gross)

·       Funding Requests Rules

·       2017-2018 budget: $14,499

·       Came in under budget in past academic year

·       To send the budget to the council

·       Funding policy and website: currently unclear what we can and will fund, goal: revamp website by September meeting

·       Specifically what we’re able and willing to fund for external

5.     Orientation August 16th 2017

a.     Need more volunteers for lunch (begins at 12PM) to talk to incoming students

b.     Leeza to send out volunteer schedule for orientation

6.     Summer Stipend Adjustments (Evan Wolfe)

a.     June 2nd, drop in 26% in grad student pay

b.     Loss of salary over the summer to be made up

7.     For the Good of the Order

a.     Department representative – encourage colleagues to attend monthly meetings