2017-2018 Finance committee meetings

All Finance Committee meetings occur on the last Monday of each month from 6:15 - 7:15 in Newcomb Hall.

Funding Requests

The Graduate Student Council allocates a portion of its annual operating budget to funding internal and external funding requests. This page provides a brief overview of the necessary rules and procedures for receiving and using funding from the Graduate Council. Please read through these guidelines and use the links below to proceed through the funding request and allocation process. All funding requestors, both internal and external, MUST comply with the policies and procedures listed below.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your request being rejected and/or the imposition of sanctions as detailed in the 2017-2018 full funding policy.

For a list of events previously funded by GSASC, click here.


Eligibility Requirements:

·       Requests may only be made by and for organizations and students in good standing with the university.

·       Funding requests must be made by the individual who will be refunded, or a suitable organizational officer

·       All events funded by the Graduate Council must have over 50% of the total attendance consist of GSAS students.

·      No event shall exceed a total cost corresponding to $10/GSAS student (based on expected attendance)

·       Events and purchases must remain within budget to avoid penalty

·       Requests must be made such that the relevant General Body Meeting happens at least one week prior to the event or purchase

o   No exceptions can be made for requests that happen after the respective Finance Committee Meeting.

§  Any requests made after said meeting will be rolled over to the following month

·       If the following month meeting is too late, then the request is automatically rejected for having missed the deadline

·       Only requests made through the webpage will be considered

·       All requests MUST comply with Grad Council, GSAS, and University policies, procedures, and guidelines

·       No event requests will be entertained by the Body during the June or July meetings

·       No event may occur later than the Saturday ending the first full week in June or before the funding cycle begins for the next year (generally August)

o   Any event occurring in June must be submitted for review at the May Body Meeting


Funding Process/Procedures:

Step 1. Review the eligibility requirements listed above. If you are unsure if your event meets the eligibility requirements, please review our full finance policy. If you are still unsure if your event meets our eligibility requirement after reviewing the full policy, please contact the Finance Committee Chair, Adam Gross, before submitting your request.

Step 2. Complete the pertinent finance request form. For Intramural Funding Requests, complete the IM Funding Request Form. For all other requests, please complete the General Funding Request Form. All funding requests need to be submitted by the Friday before the Finance Committee Meeting. The Finance Committee meets the Monday prior to the General Body Meeting.

Step 3. After your request is submitted, you will receive an email with the date, time, and location of the next finance committee meeting. A representative from your organization MUST appear at this meeting to summarize your event and answer any questions the committee might have. 

Step 4. Your request will be evaluated by the Finance Committee, the Grad Council General Body, and the GSAS Finance Office. If it is approved by all three of these bodies, you will be notified by email.

Step 5. Once your request is approved, review our Guidelines for Spending GSASC Funds PRIOR to spending any money that has been allocated.

Step 6. After your event, you MUST complete a report and the pertinent expense tracking form, as detailed on our What to Do After a GSASC Funded Event page.

If you have any questions about this process, or would like clarification on any of the procedures listed above, please contact the Chair of the Finance Committee, Adam Gross