February General Body Meeting

Monday, February 5, 2018 @ 6pm



GSASC Grant Winners (one recipient present)

-       Emily Cook, 4th year PhD, Economics Department

Guest: Bryanna Miller, BOV student member


Updates, News, Reminders

1.     Department Updates

2.     President updates

a.     Graduate Professional Council

b.     Alumni Hall event

3.     Upcoming Meeting Reminders

a.     Leadership series begins in March

                                               i.     Speaker line-up announced in Connections


Committee Updates

1.     Professional Development

a.     GradDays run-through (printed tentative schedule)

b.     On diversity panels: searching for panelists

c.     Food ideas to cater to various eating-styles for BBQ fun day: mezeh, sticks

                                               i.     Mindfulness Monday

                                             ii.     Huskey/Research Day

                                            iii.     Well-being Wednesday

                                            iv.     Pro-Dev Thursday

                                             v.     Friday

                                            vi.     Saturday

2.     Honor

3.     UJC

4.     Initiatives

a.     Handout with feedback from departments on stipends

b.     To meet with Dean Barnaby to go over feedback

c.     Next task: gauage how departments deal with Alumni

5.     Social

a.     Event summary

                                               i.     Winter Formal – success

b.     Wednesday: Coffee breakfast 8-10am

6.     Research

a.     Huskey

                                               i.     Flyers to distribute

                                             ii.     Abstract deadline: extended, Thursday, February 13th @ 11:59pm

                                            iii.     Need judges from social sciences and humanities

                                            iv.     Dean Laushway to reach out to Directors of Graduate Studies

7.     Finance

a.     External (2)

                                               i.     UVA GradCon 2018

1.     Hosted by English

2.     Requesting: $400

3.     Passed

                                             ii.     UVA Sociology Grad Student Department Colloquium

1.     Requesting: $394

2.     Passed

b.     Huskey

                                               i.     $1765

                                             ii.     Approved

8.     Upcoming elections

a.     March: UJC and Honor

b.     April: E-board and committee chair

c.     New positions:

                                               i.     Student council representative

                                             ii.     Legislative advisory board