1.     Welcome and Introductions

a.     Around-the-room introductions

b.     Dean Laushway announces J. Milton Adams as 2017 Huskey Symposium Keynote Speaker

c.     Reminder about details and purpose of Connections emails (Bailey Troia)

2.     Updates and Reminders

a.     Next Meeting will be on March 13th due to Spring Break occurring during the first Monday of the month.

b.     Doctoral Career & Professional Development (Evan Wolfe: Physics)

·       Leadership at the university are exploring the idea of centralized service for all graduate students surrounding doctoral career and professional development.

·       Currently seeking feedback from council on what is occurring or not occurring in their departments regarding this topic, and ways to improve.

·       Young alumni mentoring and support networks based on career track (emphasis on alt-ac)

1.     GradDays to have alt-ac career panel

·       Grad-to-grad student peer mentoring seems to be generally in place through out departments but what about grad to alumni mentorships.

·       “experiential learning”

c.     Sexual Misconduct Policy and Modules (Benjamin Vaughan: Chemistry)

·       Grad students as mandatory reporters - formerly no clear distinction policy distinction

·       Looking to put together panel of grad students to determine what we know vs. what we don’t and help inform the Title IX team at UVA

·       Advocating in-person mandatory training for T.A.s

·       Leeza requesting names of people interested in helping during these talks.

·       Looking for feedback from those who have received in-person training as T.A.s

d.     Upcoming Elections

·       March 13, 2017 will be elections for UJC and Honor. Will also determine open positions for GSASC.

·       Official news: BIMS leaving GSAS and becoming a part of Medical School

·       Potential for BIMS to continue to be a part of Grad Council needs to be determined asap.

3.     Committee Updates:

a.     Honor Committee (Olivia Sabik & Stephanie Roe)

·       Reaching out to graduate students for feedback about how Honor can better interact with grad students

·       G.R.A.D: graduate advisory committee about how honor policies have affected graduate students

·       Putting together Green-book about how Honor Committee works and is relevant to grad students and T.A.s – moving forward this month

·       Actively looking for new members to become a part of Honor Committee

b.     University Judiciary Committee (CJ Anderson & Niko Maffucci)

·       CJ’s seat to be filled.

·       UJC has multiple things trying to work on including: language in Constitution – working to match language to UVA’s exact policy regarding acts of bias

·       Update “chairman” or “his” to be more inclusive

·       Going to create a one-pager with Honor as a voting guide tutorial for grad students

·       Nominations for Honor and UJC go to Leeza

c.     Initiatives Committee (Brynn Cook & Alicia Buckenmeyer)

·       Grad Guide Update

1.     Referral for what to do/where to go in Charlottesville

2.     Looking for international students’ perspective

3.     Looking for those who use public transportation

4.     Looking for anyone who volunteers locally

·       Health Insurance Update

1.     Met with ELSON and AETNA Student Health to discuss questions from grad students

2.     Putting together FAQ document

3.     Wrote a letter advocating for graduate students regarding premiums, deductibles, and pricing.

4.     Inquiry: temporary parking passes for students needed to get around while on crutches or otherwise complicate due to medical needs.

5.     Injury shuttle available for undergrads but limited to housing on/near grounds

d.     Social Committee (Akin Odeleye & Alexi Garrett)

·       Summary January Event (Winter Formal)

1.     Great attendance from a variety of departments. Successful.

·       Upcoming Events

1.     March 22nd: Happy Hour at Random Row (during GradDays) with food truck (6 – 9pm)

2.     March 24th: Happy Hour at Biltmore (6 – 9pm)

3.     TBD with other events based on budget: Thursday May 4th or Tuesday May 2nd

4.     Akin: motion to sanction the Social Committee

a.     Denied: issue “warning” to turn in funding forms within 14 days

e.     Professional Development Committee (Irene Cheng & Kelly Barford)

·       Grad Days 2017

1.     Monday: Mindfulness day

2.     Tuesday: Huskey Symposium

3.     Wednesday: Diversity day

a.     Looking for more LGBTQ faculty

4.     Thursday: Professional development day

a.     Open to more suggestions for career-tracks roundtable

5.     Friday: more professional development

6.     Saturday: BBQ

f.      Research Committee (Cory Weller & Laura Woo)

·       Huskey 2017

1.     Working to make Huskey more accessible

2.     Reminder: this is for GSASC to present research

3.     March 21st 2 – 5pm (oral and poster presentations)

4.     Posters coming out later than expected

5.     GSASC to assist in funding poster printing

6.     Looking for recommendations for judges

g.     Finance Committee (Kristin Connor)

·       Funding Requests

1.     Externals (3)

a.     UVA symposium of advocates for women in science– addressing challenges women face in academia

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting: $400

                                                                                                   ii.     PASSED

b.     English Department grad conference: “Making and Collecting”

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting: $400

                                                                                                   ii.     PASSED

c.     Graduate Bioscience Symposium

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting: $400

                                                                                                   ii.     PASSED

2.     Internal

a.     Huskey Exhibition

                                                                                                     i.     Requesting: $1200

                                                                                                   ii.     PASSED

1.     Reimbursements: cannot reimburse anything over $500 to any one human or any one place

2.     (If you can, use a purchase order)

b.     GradDays

                                                                                                     i.     Request: $3786.62

                                                                                                   ii.     PASSED

4.     For the Good of the Order

a.     Questions/concerns: leeza@virginia.edu