February General Body Meeting

Monday, February 4th6:00pm
Newcomb Kaleidoscope Room


1.    Welcome 

2.    Updates, News, & Reminders

a.    Department Updates

b.    GSASC Research Grant

c.    Elections & Nominations

·       Elections will take place at our meeting in April

·       If you are interested in any positions (committees, chairs, executive), please email Paul

3.    Committee Updates:

a.    Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

·       Consider applying for Honor for next year. Responsibilities include weekly Sunday meetings, serving on investigation panels and honor hearings. Great way to help students and get involved on Grounds

·       Procedures for “Contributing Health Factor” are being updated 

·       Elections for Honor will be held in March

·       If you are interested in applying/know anyone who is interested, talk to Adam. 

b.    University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

·       UJC election will be held in March as the new UJC starts in April 

·       Really cool opportunity to get experience for administrative positions, learn a lot about what takes place around the university, student life

·       Last meeting updated the pronouns of the constitution to be voted on in March, closed the window for admiration to “refile” complaints with errors  

·       If you are interested in applying, talk to Kyle

c.    Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez)

·       Committee met last week

·       Working on getting gym access during the summer. Designed a questionnaire to gauge graduate student gym usage. Look out for this survey! 

d.    Social Committee(Tiffany Layne & Brittany Acors) 

·       Winter Formal (Report), Winter Formal was well attended (200+), thank you to everyone who came. If you have any comments or feedback, please let Tiffany or Brittany know

·       Look out for an event in March

·       March 20thReception hosted by Dean Lsuschway for all Graduate and Professional students 

e.    Professional Development Committee(Karina Baptista & Anthony Schienschang)

f.     Research Committee (Thankful Cromartie & Shalmi Barman) 

·       This year Huskey will have a new format! There will be roughly 15 oral presentations, there will be no judging, everyone who is chosen to present will receive an honorarium. Poster reception with wine and cheese after the oral presentations.

·       Call for abstracts for Huskey going out soon. GSAS students are invited to submit abstracts 

g.    Finance Committee (Charles Hamilton)

·       Funding Requests 

1.    Biology Department: Sexual Harassment Resources Lunch, open to all of GSAS, $300 for food. Approved. 

2.    Environmental Sciences Department: EnviroDay. Have already approved $400 for food. Requesting $400 more for more food. Approved. 

3.    Sociology Department: $400 for lunch with speaker and reception. Approved. 

4.    English Department: GradCon, interdisciplinary conference, $400 for lunch. Approved. 

5.    Huskey: $1300 for office supplies, flyers, snacks, coffee. Approved. 

6.    Research Grant: $6000 to go towards funding Research Grant. Amount matched by GSAS. Approved. 

h.    Student Council Updates (John Modica)

·       Student council is the overarching body that governs students

·       In the past two months, have discussed a resolution for the central grounds parking garage, passed resolution to change the name of the Curry School of Education, tomorrow council will be considering a resolution calling for the resignation of Governor Northam. 

·      John is looking for a proxy for the weekly Tuesday night meetings (6:30pm). If you are interested, please email John or Paul. 

4.    For the Good of the Order

Keep an eye out for the GPC emails. They are looking to highlight students, if you know anyone who has done cool work, won an award, etc. please let Paul, Leeza, or Tori know. If you would like to have your event highlighted in the email, email one of them.