1.     Welcome

  1. Updates, News, & Reminders
    1. Department Updates
    2. Tax – Reform

•       Update: thanks from Senators Warner and Kaine

•       Grad council sends emails to DGS

  1. Committee Updates:
    1. Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Victoria Clark)

•       End of the year grad student event with the Social committee

•       Ideas of where to host “welcome back” event in spring semester:

    1. University Judiciary Committee (Niko Maffucci & Kyle Chattleton)

•       Absent

    1. Initiatives Committee (Melissa Moore and Claire-Marie Brisson)

•       Hard copy of email to send DGS to solicit feedback on external funding and stipends

    1. Social Committee (Mojdeh Tarighat & Tiffany Layne)

•       November Event Summaries

         Friends-giving (40-50 attendees)

         LOTL event (40-50 attendees)

•       Upcoming Events

Winter formal co-hosting with Engineering department, tentatively January 20th @ Escafe

Donuts and coffee during finals week, potentially January

    1. Professional Development Committee (An-chi Tsuei & Alexis Yang)

•       Grad-Days planning, schedule nearly finalized

•       Co-sponsor event with scholar’s lab

•       Passed around Save the Date flyer for departments

•       Call for t-shirt deisgn to go out in Connections

•       Extend logo design to Architecture students

•       Why called “GradDays”?

Discussion about opening up these events to pan-grad

    1. Research Committee (Cory Weller & Wenfan Ke)

•       Huskey

Keynote tentatively scheduled

Wine and cheese post-Huskey at the Colonnade Club

Meeting with deans next week to finalize budget and schedule

Next finance meeting: end of January

    1. Finance Committee (Adam Gross)

•       5 finance requests

3 external requests:

 (largely untapped external funds, encourage reps to report back to departments for opportunity to use funds)

Jefferson Lecture in Chemistry, April 20, request: $400


Enviro-day, February 23rd, request: $400


Colloquium, Classics, April 27-28, request: $400

2 internal:

Winter Formal, $700


Back to School snacks across grounds, $400


  1. Leadership Series Summary & Next Steps


  1. GSASC Grant

                  Remind departments that deadline is December 10th

                  Goal: announce winners end of January


  1. For the Good of the Order