December General Body Meeting, Monday December 5th, 2016 at 6pm

Newcomb Gallery


Welcome and Introductions:

            First Year TA Teaching Course: Grace Cummings

                        Propose changes to course responsibilities

            Reminder: No January Meeting

            Reminder: Pro Dev and Huskey Draft Budgets due to Finance Committee January 1

                        Final budget due 2 Fridays before the general body meeting

            Nomination: Leeza Constantoulakis for President


                        Term begins January 1, 2017


Committee Updates:

            Honor Committee: Olivia Sabik and Stephanie Roe

Goal for next semester: hold for “GRAD” (looking for grad students to discuss the way the honor system works for grad students and TAs; meet once a month – looking for input and feedback)

Interest email sent December 6th               


            UJC: CJ Anderson and Niko Maffucci

Concerns: how to reach the public about student self goverance and self-conduct

Alternatively: hold less formal spaces for engagement; informal setting to discuss student self-goverance

                        Honor and UJC to get together and hold meetings

                        General body meetings: 6pm on Sunday nights, every other week

                        UJC to potentially sponsor Grad Days event

                        Hate speech under UJC – includes bias violation (under enhancement clause)

                        Driven by bias, consider suspension

                        Reminder: To file complaint, go to UJC website


            Initiatives: Alicia Buckenmeyer

                        Grad guide update: given to students once they get in

                        Includes FAQ on student health insurance

                        Goal: finished by late February


            Social: Ben Vaughan

                        Happy Hour at Wild Wing 12/15 at 4:30 (in GSASC calendar)

Friday, January 20th – Winter Formal at Escafe (if Escafe unavailable, will hold at Alumni Hall January 19th )

Potential February event: Happy Hour with WIMS, GBS at the Fitzroy or Random Row

                        March: Grad Days, Three Notch’d Event, Friday Happy Hour at TBD

                        April: Field Day/Outdoor at Fry Springs Station

                        Pending money: end of year wrap up in May


            Finance: Ben Vaughan

                        Funding Requests (2 internal; 2 external)

                                    Classics: gender and antiquity event:

request $400



                                    Jefferson lecture in chemistry:

request: $1000, offer $400



Wild Wing Happy Hour

Request: $250



Winter Formal

Request: $750 max







Next Meeting: February 6th, 2017, 6pm in Newcomb Gallery