April General Body Meeting

Monday, April 2, 2018, 6PM

Gallery Room, Newcomb Hall


1.     Welcome

2.     Leadership speaker series

a.     Archie Holmes, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

                                               i.     Engineering professor

3.     GSASC Grant Winners

a.     Nicholas Jacobs

b.     Andrea Pauw

4.     Updates, News, Reminders

a.     Department Updates

b.     President Updates

                                               i.     Diversity, inclusion, “Freedom of speech”

5.     Committee Updates

a.     Honor

                                               i.     New chair

b.     UJC

                                               i.     New voting members

                                             ii.     New position: Vice chair of graduate students

c.     Initiatives

                                               i.     No updates

d.     Social

                                               i.     Summary

1.     Sour House Social

2.     Garden Party

                                             ii.     End of the year event: Tuesday, May 8th, 7-9pm

1.     Joint with GBS and DSI (other sponsors TBD)

e.     Professional Development

                                               i.     Grad Days 2018 summary

1.     Top 3 events: headshots, resource fair, massages

2.     Snow day, cancelled 2 events

3.     Low attendance in morning events

4.     Leftover funds

5.     Survey for Grad Days participants

                                             ii.     Open floor for Grad Days improvements

1.     Spread events out throughout the year

2.     Span professional developments throughout the year, focus on social events as week of “Grad Days”

3.     More events post-5pm

4.     (Better advertise tangible pro dev opportunities e.g. CV development)

f.      Research

                                               i.     Huskey Symposium 2018 summary

1.     Lower attendance compared to 2017

2.     Low participation from arts and humanities

3.     Under budget

                                             ii.     In the future: consider more free form presentation

                                            iii.     Feedback: participants want more feedback/comments from judges

                                            iv.     To get more participants: provide rubric and specific expectations of judging criteria

                                             v.     Idea: 3 smaller events focusing on sub-discipline

g.     Finance

                                               i.     2 external

1.     Politics graduate student conference, April 21st (open to other departments)

a.     Request: $400

b.     Approved

2.     Classics graduate student symposium, April 28th

a.     Request: $400

b.     Approved

                                             ii.     1 internal

1.     Social end of the year event

a.     Request: $1500

b.     Approved

6.     Ex-Officio Appointments

a.     UJC

                                               i.     Nominated

                                             ii.     Approved

7.     Council elections

a.     Sentiments first

b.     Committee chairs

                                               i.     Social Committee Chair

1.     Nominated: Claire-Marie Brisson

2.     Elected

                                             ii.     Research Committee Chair

1.     Nominated: Thankful Cromartie

2.     Elected

c.     Executive Board

                                               i.     Vice President of Administration

1.     Nominated: Melissa Moore

2.     Elected

                                             ii.     President

1.     Nominated: Paul Zivick

2.     Elected

8.     For the good of the order

a.     Paul Zivick: Listening Tour

                                               i.     To reach out to representatives

                                             ii.     Potentially: make department visits during/around already existing meetings e.g. monthly colloquium talk