Introductions of new grad students/those without nametags

1.     Committee updates

a.     ProDev

                                               i.     Recap of GradDays

b.     Honor Committee

                                               i.     Green book to explain “what is honor”

                                             ii.     Spot open for committee member

c.     UJC – absent

d.     Initiatives

                                               i.     Grad Guide – hope to have something for the Fall

                                             ii.     Working on format

e.     Social

                                               i.     2 events left

1.     April 19th, 5:50-7:30pm wine and cheese

a.     Alumni hall to send invites

2.     May 4th, Coop on the corner 4-7

a.     Free food, drink specials

f.      Huskey

                                               i.     Least expensive in the recent years

                                             ii.     Collecting follow-up feedback from participators

                                            iii.     Speak with administration

g.     Finance

                                               i.     Social request: $350 for food

                                             ii.     Passed


2.     Elections

a.     Executive Board 2017-2018

b.     President: Leeza Constantoulakis

c.     Vice President of Administration: Anna Graczyk

d.    Vice President of Communications: Bailey Troia

e.     Vice President of Finance: Anthony Sparacino


3.     Committee Chairs 2017-2018

a.     Social Co-chairs: Mojdeh Tarighat (Math) and Tiffany Layne (Chemistry)

b.    Huskey Research Co-chairs: Cory Weller (Biology) and Wenfan Ke (Biology)

c.     Professional Development Co-Chairs: Anchi Tsuei (Chemistry), open

d.     Initiatives Co-Chairs: Paul Zivick (Astronomy), open

e.     Finance Chair: Adam Gross (Classics)