April General Body Meeting,

Monday April 4th 2016

6 PM Newcomb Gallery


·       Take your TA to lunch- Henry Reynolds

o   Monroe Hall 101

o   Contact Erin O’Donnell to get a dinning card (3 available)

o   Use anywhere on grounds $15 per person

·       Vote to eliminate the VP of Operations

o   Members received secret ballots

o   Eliminate: VP of Ops used to oversee all committees and membership, makes more sense for VP of Comm to take over responsibilities

o   Do not eliminate: Keep workload more spread out

o   Proposed one year trial to combine positions and vote to change by-laws next year

o   Vote passes 10-4

Committee Updates

·       Social

o   Bowling on April 29th from 7-10, tap takeover? Drink ticket, no food

o   Issue of non-grad students over-running the event last year, suggestion to tally attendees at this year’s event

·       Professional Development

o   Grad Days: Social events well attended, would like more attendance at professional events

o   Suggestion to advertise events sooner

·       Research

o   Huskey: Fewer presenters but still well attended

o   Currently collecting feedback from presenters

·       Initiatives

o   AlcoholWise White Paper: done, will be sent out with help from Ben

o   Sex Assault White Paper edits have recently been returned to the committee

o   Health care coverage: Got surveys from several other universities, waiting on about 11 more schools, should carry over to next semester

·       Finance

o   Internal Requests

§  GSASC Bowling event: requested 1400, passed

o   External Requests

§  4th Annual Case Comp: GSCB, recurring event, non-MBA students prepare for jobs beyond academia, request 300 for food and printing, passes

§  9th Annual NIH Career Symposium: career fair @ NIH, need money for lunch and bus, requested more money at the last meeting and were told to reapply, requested 400, committee recommended 250,  passed at 400

§  Bioethics debate: approved for 400 previously for food, requesting an additional 300 for food and printing (event is expected to be

§   more attended), passes



·       Executive Board

o   President - Tony Boese: initiative of health and wellness survey, elected

o   VP of Admin – Paige Kulling: served on initiatives committee previously, may continue to be a SAGE representative as well (ex officio position), elected

o   VP of Comm – Debi Luzader: also serving on GBS, elected

o   VP of Finance – Anthony Sparacino: previously on finance committee, elected

·       Committee Chair

o   Initiatives

§  Brynn Cook, served the past two years, no longer on Honor, elected

§  Alicia Salinas, served previously, elected

o   Professional Development

§  No nominations

o   Research

§  Cory Weller, co-chaired previously, elected

§  Laura Woo, served on committee previously, elected

o   Finance

§  Kristin Connor, co-chaired previously, elected

o   Social

§  Akin Odeleye, co-chaired previously (technically), elected

§  Alexi Garrett, served on the committee previously, elected

·       Ex-Officio

o   StudCo

§  No nomination