Thank you to all the participants, judges, and attendees at this years Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition! The winners for each session are listed below:

Oral presentations 

Top 3 presenters for each session were awarded by a panel of judges in each session:

Natural Sciences

  1. Miranda Beltzer, Psychology
  2. Jessica Taggart, Psychology
  3. Ana Estrada, Biomedical Engineering

Social Sciences

  1. Sasheenie Moodley, Public Health Sciences
  2. Yaping Wang, Foreign Affairs
  3. Zhe Zhu, Economics

Arts & HUmanities

  1. Praxis 2016-17 Cohort: Jordan Buysse, Alicia Caticha, Alyssa Collins, Justin Greenlee, Sarah Mceleney, Joseph Thompson
  2. Ross Mittiga
  3. Indu Ohri

Poster Presentations

Top 2 presenters for each division were awarded by a panel of judges:

Social Sciences

  1. Jessica Kansky, Psychology
  2. Shaina Rowell, Psychology

Natural Sciences- Division 1

  1.  (TIE) Nichole Schwartz, Chemistry & Amy Ferguson, Environment Sciences

Natural SCiences- Division 2

  1. Brynn Cook, Environment Sciences
  2. Caitlin Dreisbach, Nursing

Natural ScienceS- Division 3

  1. Audrey Brown, Biology
  2. Yunlu Zhu, Biology

Natural Sciences- Division 4

  1. Alexandra Werntz, Psychology
  2. Erin Maresh, Psychology



Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition- Tuesday, March 21 (1-5PM)
in Newcomb Hall (3rd floor).


Click here to see the program for the 2017 Huskey Research Exhibition!

Each year, the University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts & Sciences organizes the Robert J. Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition to showcase the work done by graduate students. This is an opportunity for graduate students to share their most recent, innovative research with fellow graduate students, professors, and community members.

This year, we are implementing a new, general presentation format. All presentations (both oral and poster) should be designed to target a very general audience. High-scoring presentations will effectively 1) set up the question being investigated; 2) frame the question in context of its broader importance; 3) communicate an evidence-based argument; 4) be accessible to an audience of diverse backgrounds. 

Oral presentation (10-12 minutes) slots are limited. There will be three separate sessions available:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Arts & Humanities

Poster presentations (4-5 minutes) will be targeted towards a general audience

Thank you to our Judges!

Our talented presenters depend on expertssuch as faculty, postdocs, and research staffto provide an objective critique of both oral and poster presentations.  We extend a sincere thank you to the judges who make the exhibition possible each year.

Honoring Dr. Robert J. Huskey

Dr. Robert J. Huskey, professor of Biology, served the University of Virginia for 32 years. As Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Dr. Huskey sought to improve the graduate student experience, in particular by developing assistantships and providing affordable health care. To honor Dr. Huskey's commitment to graduate students, in 2001 the Graduate Student Council introduced the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition